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Perverso is now available on the platform.

This is the disturbing new Spanish thriller from Prime Video that is blowing up worldwide


Amazon Prime Video has had a very interesting year in terms of releases. Although it recently suffered a small public setback after adding ads to the basic rate of the streaming platform, it has more than made up for it with Fallout, a series that adapts the Bethesda video game and has become the second most viewed on its platform —after, mind you, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power—.

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Now, Jeff Bezos’ platform has just added to its catalog a Spanish series that is quickly climbing the global charts: Perverso. Created by Alonso Laporta alongside Gustavo Ron and Ángela Armero, the series serves as a spin-off of Parot, a 2021 series that talks about the repeal of the Parot Doctrine in Spain. However, it is a completely independent series and, rather than serving as a continuation of the previous one, it serves as a complement.
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Perverso connects with Parot thanks to the character Julián López de Haro, played by Iván Massagué (El Hoyo) in a state of grace. The actor takes on his role as a Machiavellian aristocrat imprisoned for rape and murder, this time in a more leading role with his “perversion” as the central axis of the plot. In this case, the plot takes us into the twisted mind of Julián, who while locked up plans his revenge against the judge who sentenced him, played by the also masterful Kira Miró.

Iván Massagué in a state of grace

From the first moments of Perverso, it is clear that the biggest attraction of the series lies in Iván Massagué’s interpretation as the sinister Julián López de Haro. After stealing the show in Parot, the creators decided that he deserved his own series —yes, something like Berlin with Money Heist—, and the truth is that he shines in this new opportunity.

Massagué manages to capture the essence of a cold and calculating psychopath, endowing the character with a magnetic presence on screen. His raspy voice, his stillness in speech, and his ability to convey contained violence are aspects that make every scene in which he appears fascinating to watch. Without a doubt, the most compelling reason to watch this fiction on Prime Video.

The series begins when Julián receives a death threat from a kidnapper (Jan Cornet). This adds a new twist to the narrative, as it directly targets the business elite, and brings an interesting subtext to the series. However, while this initial premise promises intrigue and suspense, the series stumbles with the lack of originality in some of its elements. Genre tropes, such as parallel editing in the search for the kidnapper or betrayals between characters, are predictable and diminish the impact of a plot that wouldn’t need these resources to interest the general public.

In fact, although Massagué shines on his own, the rest of the cast of Perverso does not always manage to maintain the same level of excellence. It is clear that there are flashes of talent in actors like Esmeralda Pimentel as lawyer Mariana, and Jan Cornet as the kidnapper, but some supporting characters feel blurred or stereotyped, which limits their impact on the story and makes it clear that everything is done for Massagué to shine.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of Perverso is its exploration of themes such as corruption in the judicial system and the privileges of the elite. The series offers a critical view of how money and power can corrupt even those in charge of dispensing justice. At times, these reflections are overshadowed by a somewhat superficial execution, but it delves just enough into the plot to not hinder it either.

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That being said, Perverso is a series that oscillates between promise and convention. While it offers moments of intrigue and a memorable villain thanks to Iván Massagué, its predictable plot prevents it from reaching its full potential. Despite this, it remains a mainstream entertainment that, of course, succeeds wherever it is released.


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Announced this Monday, this new feature of Tinder allows you to send a link that includes information about your date, such as the person’s name, the meeting place, the date and time of the appointment, along with the option to add a personal note. The links are editable and can be sent up to 30 days before the appointment.

The new feature of Tinder will allow you to comfortably share details of your upcoming dateThese links are visible to all recipients, even those who are not Tinder users. Friends with Tinder accounts can see the complete profile of the mat

This release comes at a time when dating apps are experiencing slower growth. In January, there were approximately 12.7 million installations of this type of apps in the United States, representing an increase of only 2.38%, compared to the 16% growth experienced last year. Additionally, in the fourth quarter of 2023, the total number of paying Tinder customers decreased by 8% year-on-year, reaching 10 million.

Why Baldur’s Gate 3 was afraid of Starfield… even though time has proven them right

Imagine you are a studio like Larian that has spent years and years developing ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’. Everything points to success, you are convinced of your product, you set a release date… And then Bethesda announces that their other AAA game of the season, ‘Starfield’, will be released very close to yours. What do you do? Well, obviously, you do what they did: clear the way for the bigger company to succeed as they please. And although it may seem ironic, there is none at all.

Dungeons and space

Swen Vincke, the CEO of Larian, has now explained that last summer he changed the dates so that the two RPGs wouldn’t have to compete against each other and both could be enjoyed peacefully. “I have a lot of respect for Bethesda”, he explained to Gamesindustry. No matter what happened afterwards: the strategy makes perfect sense.

Why Baldur’s Gate 3 was afraid of Starfield… even though time has proven them right“If you’re at sea and a larger ship passes by, the norm is for you to move aside so it can pass: they were the larger ship”. But that didn’t mean they lowered their weapons and surrendered immediately, far from it. They immediately changed their marketing to do something unprecedented: to differentiate themselves as much as possible from ‘Starfield’, delving into narrative, different characters and immersion.

‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ could never compete in terms of size or scale of its world, so they had to focus on the gameplay experience. Smaller, more intimate, well… different. Today, we already know how this battle ended: Larian has announced that this third installment has already sold 10 million units, while ‘Starfield’, without official data, seems to have fallen a little behind.

Because sometimes, the biggest ships also have to let motorboats pass. You never know where they can go.

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