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Don’t miss Cut along the dotted line

It is one of the best animated series on Netflix and it will leave you in a sea of tears
Netflix is an expert in creating adult animated series that are on par with the rest of their fictions. Productions like Bojack Horseman, Love, Death & Robots, Arcane, or Disenchantment demonstrate that the VOD platform is the best when it comes to creating original series of this style. However, in recent years there is one series that has stood out even above the rest: Cut by the dotted line.
>Subscribe on LinkedInLaunched in late 2021, Cutting through the dotted line is a series created by Italian comic book artist Zerocalcare, and it became a phenomenon on the platform. It was such a success that it didn’t stand alone, and just a year and a half later its independent sequel, This world won’t make me a bad person, was released.


Both series are among the best productions in terms of script and emotion that have ever been made on Netflix, and they certainly deserve to be seen to understand the reason behind their phenomenon. And it is that, while you can laugh your heart out with “Cortar por la línea de puntos”, what remains in the end is a sea of tears. Something that only the best authors are capable of achieving. But what makes this series and its sequel so special?

The narrative magic of Zerocalcare

Cutting along the dotted line has reached the hearts of the audience for its mastery in portraying late youth, skillfully balancing elements of comedy, reflection, and emotional punches. Zerocalcare, who is also the protagonist of the series, puts his personal stamp on every aspect of the production, from the script to the voices of the characters. Thus, through the life of Zero, his alter ego, the viewer is transported to a world of uncertainty and disillusionment, where relationships, work, and identity intertwine in a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

The series stands out for its intelligence and its ability to keep the viewer captivated with a fast-paced narrative full of cultural references. Zero’s rapid monologues, accompanied by agile animation, challenge the audience to keep up with the frenetic pace of the story. But as the plot progresses, the series evolves into a deeper portrait of the human condition, exploring universal themes such as the fear of failure, the search for meaning, and the struggle for identity.

This world won’t make me a bad person, on the other hand, expands even further the universe created by Zerocalcare, addressing broader and current social issues. The series, although independent from its predecessor, shares the same bold tone and social awareness, offering a critical look at the contemporary political and cultural reality.
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The return of Zero and his friends in this second installment immerses us in a world marked by financial instability, media manipulation, and precarious employment. Through their adventures and dilemmas, the series invites us to reflect on the importance of friendship and solidarity in an increasingly divided and unequal world.

Both series, although dealing with serious and profound themes, are not lacking in humor and humanity. The combination of comedic and dramatic elements creates an emotionally rich and satisfying experience for the viewer, which is reflected in the characters and their internal struggles.


Undoubtedly, they are two of the best series you can watch on Netflix. They have absolutely everything for those looking for challenging stories that make them think beyond pure entertainment. At the same time, they are fun fictions, full of passion, and that you can watch in consecutive marathons. Netflix gems that we hope will continue to expand in the future.


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