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Zorawar Light Tank:  The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is likely to hand over India’s indigenously developed light tank, Zorawar to the Indian Army in April this year. DRDO has already started the development trials of the tank, ANI said in one of its reports.

“The light tank with its new engine has started in our development cum production partner’s facilities. The tank has been moved around for more than 100 kilometres, and it is expected to be given to the Indian Army by April this year,” defence officials said.

The Zorawar, a 25-tonne air-transportable and amphibious light tank, is set to undergo thorough high-altitude trials over an extended duration, reported several media reports. The Army has given orders for making and supplying 59 Zorawar light tanks to DRDO, working with partners Larsen and Toubro.

The light tank was supposed to be delivered to the Indian Army by December for trials in deserts and high-altitude places, but due to delays in getting engines from Germany, the project has been delayed. The Indian Army will also be having a competition to buy 295 more light tanks under a different program, and six to seven companies are offering their light tanks.

The Indian Army, in collaboration with private sector companies, is fully backing a significant project aimed at producing high-quality weapon systems. Specifically, the Indian Army has started the light tank project to enhance its mobility and manoeuvring capabilities in the Ladakh sector.

This move is a response to the significant deployment of Chinese light tanks in the region. The Indian Army proposed the development of similar capabilities to address potential threats from China, leading to the recent approval of the project by the Defence Acquisition Council. The Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is partnering with L&T to construct a 25-tonne light tank designed for swift movement in challenging high-altitude terrain. This undertaking aligns with the Make in India initiative.

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