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TNIE brings you eight new generative AI services that promise to make your work and life more exciting in the future.

AI has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT, the AI assistant from non-profit company Open AI, was the first to give us a taste of what is arguably the most disruptive technological innovation of our times. In a very short time, ChatGPT not only became the fastest service to see 180.5 mln users, but has also become an indispensable tool for everyone from college students to writers.

But ChatGPT was just the first, or shall we say — the most famous. Since then, there have been several other so-called generative AI tools that have been made available online for producing everything from videos and voice-overs to gaming avatars.

TNIE brings you eight new services that promise to make your work and life more exciting in the future.

Stable Diffusion 

Like the name signifies this generative AI tool uses the idea of ‘diffusion’ to create pictures from prompts given in texts. It begins with a random noise image and gradually improves it through a number of processes to get a coherent and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Users can train their own models using their own datasets and adapt the image generation process to suit their particular requirements. It is developed by Stability AI. It is available for free on


DALL-E is another generative AI technology that helps users create new photorealistic images from text prompts. It can also create emojis or paintings. DALL-E can also be used for a variety of sectors like education, marketing. designing etc.. It can be used to create visuals that explain various topics in the field of education and to produce distinctive and innovative visuals that can be used in advertising and marketing to draw in and hold audiences’ attention, and in product design to quickly visualize new ideas. It is developed by the creators of ChatGPT, Open AI. The service is free through the Bing Create tool.


Midjourney also generates images from natural language prompts. However, this AI tool has gained popularity among the youth for its ability to create striking and unique artwork that can even be used for creating gaming / movie characters. Unlike other such AI tools, Midjourney operates as a bot on Discord, the collaboration platform widely used by gamers, and requires users to interact with it through the communication platform. Depending on the plan, it can cost around 10-120 US dollars per month. It is available on :


Jasper is both text to text and text to image generative AI tool launched in January 2021. It helps users in high quality content creation. It is powered by the GPT-4 model and can generate content in 26 languages. The AI tool costs around 39-99 USD per month, depending on the plan. It can come handy for content writers and bloggers, marketing professionals, academic writers, business professionals and developers across various industries among others. The tool is available on


Runway, the company that co-created Stable Diffusion, came up with a video-to-video generative AI tool that can create new videos from existing ones using texts and images. The company has recently introduced an updated version of the software, the Gen-2 runway, which is a multimodal text/image/video-to video Gen AI tool. This tool has huge potential to transform the film production industry as it can replace many of the manual tasks like creating visual effects, post-production editing such as color grading, animations to name a few. You can check it out on


This is another text to video generative AI tool. Synthesia enables the users to create video content without the need for camera equipment or design skills, thereby making video production more effortless. This tool can prove useful for digital content creators, marketers, bloggers, learners, etc. Meta and Spotify have been early investors in this tool, with NVIDIA recently stepping in as a strategy investor. Take it for a spin on


Alphacode is developed by DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google. It can generate code in various programming languages. This AI tool can be effectively used to assist humans in coding, debugging the codes as well as helping new developers quickly understand a large and complicated code base. You can find the tool at


Murf is a web-based text to audio generative AI tool that can also be used for other functions such as voice cloning, voiceover, and voice changing. It can come handy for educators aiming to create e-learning videos and tutorials. It can also be used by content creators for producing audio and video content. AI voice overs from Murf can replace freelance voice artists. The tool can be found at:

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