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Salman Khan in Tiger 3 trailer (Screengrab from YouTube/YRF)
Salman Khan in Tiger 3 trailer (Screengrab from YouTube/YRF)

The trailer of Salman Khan’s much-awaited Tiger 3 is out now. A part of Yash Raj Films’ spy-universe, the movie is the third instalment of the Tiger franchise. The trailer was launched on October 16 at 12 noon.

As the trailer goes on, we see Revathy who is apparently replacing the late Girish Karnad, who played the RAW boss whom Tiger reported to. The story of Tiger, played by Salman Khan, leading a happy family life with his wife (Katrina Kaif) and son starts at the beginning of the trailer. However, the narration by the “villain” of the movie confirms right away that he is going to make Tiger’s life a living Hell.

Here comes the surprise. While the voice of the villain sounds familiar, it is not immediately evident who is behind that voice. Moreover, the makers of the movie keep the face of the villain hidden throughout the trailer. Salman Khan plays the loving father, caring husband and then daring hero.


Tiger seems surrounded by trouble. The Pakistani villain has made everything possible to take revenge. Tiger’s son seems to be taken away, his wife fighting in a bathrobe and Tiger shoots bullets like candies. And, this time, it’s personal.

Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3 trailer

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Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3 trailer (Screengrab from YouTube/YRF)

During the climax of the trailer, we get to know that the villain is played by none other than Emraan Hashmi. “Welcome to Pakistan,” says Emraan as we see him in an unusual look – bearded, grey and torn.

Emraan Hashmi in Tiger 3 trailer

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Emraan Hashmi in Tiger 3 trailer (Screengrab from YouTube/YRF)

“Tiger is always tiger Cinema stadium me badlne wala hai,” wrote one fan. “Nobody talking about how much goosebumps Katrina is giving throughout this trailer? It’s sad that female lead roles aren’t that appreciated in India. Never forget that Katrina is half-Indian, married to an Indian person, living and also working in Indian movies, isn’t that enough for you? We need to appreciate her as much as we do to Salman. She’s our pride,” wrote another.

“Literally if this is not goosebumps i really don’t know then what it is,” comes from another fan. “Bhai & Emraan that’s moment was literally like a goosebumps,” wrote another.


Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 release date

As per reports, Shah Rukh Khan will make a special appearance in the movie as Pathaan. However, there is no reference of that in the trailer. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the movie is set to release on Diwali, November 12.

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