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Never if Hindus live mindlessly but within a decade if they apply their minds. I will give my bit here to present facts which can help people apply their minds.

I can see few people going good with the answer and have pointed out exactly the weaknesses of Hinduism with genuine pain being felt by them. But I am sure they are true Hindus for they have gone anonymous – maybe fearing a Fatwah by Islamists or due to cowardice or due to anything for that matter 🙂

Jokes apart but this is mother of all problems – Shivaji must be born but in neighbour’s home and we do not want to lose our spheres of pleasure and comfort. Due to this very reason Hinduism today is fighting alone and struggling like Abhimanyu in Mahabharata – with a hand cut with lots of blood spilling around – and the Kauravas in this scene in today’s context are all Semitic religions who direly crave for extinction of Hinduism from this earth. I am not a Modi Bhakt per se but I am a devout patriot of my motherland and whosoever – Modi or anybody else – comes to live for her I will audaciously support him. I am not ashamed in accepting this even if I am ridiculed.

Seriously – All semitic religions – All semitic religions – not only Islam but even Christianity and Judaism too. Yes its true – I used to despise only Islam earlier but the way all Christian countries/ global organisations as well as Jew groups – so called watchdogs of Human Rights – have come forth in support of Muslims protesting against CAA-NRC (Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and National Register of Citizen) etc I am compelled to open eyes and revise my opinion seeing their open support to Islamists in India :

  1. Despite knowing a history of many hundred years of Muslim oppression of India.
  2. Despite knowing history of temple demolition, attacks and murders – starting from Mohammed Bin Qasim upto Tipu Sultan.
  3. Despite knowing that Muslims wanted Partition of India not Hindus.
  4. Despite knowing reality and brute agony of Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus and Sikhs.
  5. Despite knowing that Muslims in India are protesting out of their Hinduphobia with veils covering reality like CAA/NRC etc.
  6. Despite knowing how Communist mind works and how they are divisive in their ideology to the very core – actually it was USA, UK, France etc right to form NATO and other alliances as a shield against communist ideology right? Very good – one standard for yourselves and another for Hindus… Very Nice…you think Hindus are idiots?
  7. Despite knowing that Cow is a sacred animal to Hindus – as it is rightly called “Aghanya” in RigVeda – meaning “not to be killed” and Muslims brutally kill cows.
  8. Despite knowing that Terror has a religion and it is the one you are supportive of.
  9. Despite knowing that same Islamists have wrecked havoc on “the west” time and again and will continue to do because you are kafirs to them regardless of how good your conduct is. Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Saddam Hussain, Baghdadi, Haqqani – are not Hindus.
  10. Despite knowing that all faiths are given space to celebrate their virtues in Indian Constitution which extends to Muslims, Jews as well as Christians – even after passing through such dark and traumatic historical phases.

This makes me to revise my opinion to include all semitic religions in the ambit of “Hindu Haters” not just Islam alone. Well I am not a Messiah or anyone but I thought to give my own 2 cents here on how to defeat this challenge. There is both – short term strategy and long term strategy:

Short Term: Hindus Must

  1. Support Modi unconditionally in his deeds – atleast till anyone better is not visible on the horizons. He may not have required muscles behind him to deal with the challenge, but he understands the challenge well enough. You have elected him now keep mouths shut for 5 years.
  2. Boycott elections in states if you don’t see an alternative to corrupt BJP leadership in states. Press NOTA. But don’t vote Congress inside office. Controllers in charge of congress are not Indians neither by heart nor by blood.
  3. Don’t just cast vote by seeing face of a candidate – cast vote seeing party of that candidate. And if that is Congress then abstain from voting even if the candidate is Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh.
  4. Blatently Bash anti Hindu agenda and its panderers in Social Media trolls. You may get vilified but still do it thinking of Arjuna, who had to kill Bheeshma in Mahabharata for a greater good even if it earned him a bad name.
  5. Think 10 times before cracking jokes on Sardarjis / sikhs because it were they who stood up against Nadir Shah’s army to protect fellow Hindus. Otherwise many more deaths and rapes were waiting down the line.

Long Term: Indian leadership must:

  1. Indulge in cutting edge innovation in the sector of renewable energy. This cuts India’s dependence on countries with hostile ideology towards Hindus. The more we develop renewable energy the less we depend on fossils and less we’d get intimidated by Christian/Islamic structures of faith.
  2. Come to terms with China and Myanmar – yes you read it correct. Because these two are only other pre semitic civilizations existing today alongside us and we need potent allies for our cause. Second, these two have their own set of issues against semitic faiths. Look at what China has done in Xinjiang province and Myanmar has done in Rakhine province and how they defend themselves against Human Rights watchdogs. They can well be our partners in this anti-semitic drive. Third, if this happens it will also secure our Chicken neck against Islamic jihad from Bangladesh and Nepal. It will not only help in strategy but also economy will get a boost which is direly required.
  3. State must draft population control law and Uniform Civil Code the earliest – to help avert attempts to change demographics of India.
  4. Invest heavily with proper accountability structures in all areas and aspects of- Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure. To fight a challenge like this we need a citizen gentry that is Aware, Fit and Productive in full capacity.
  5. Easier said than done, I completely agree – But it is a high time when we organize Hinduism roughly the same way Guru Gobind Singh Ji organized the Khalsa. Because the foes are organized religions and to counter them there has to be a backbone religious structure which keeps the faith intact genrations after generations. Unfortunately hardly anyone in Hindu society would know how to do it, including me, but leadership should figure out the way. We drafted such a marvelous constitution in 1950 – then too we never had any prior experience, but we nailed it. There has to be someway all we need is finding it out.

To my fellow Hindus –

Time has come when we put off our petty differences aside like – Aryan-Dravidian, High Caste-Low Caste, Hindi-Non Hindi, Caucasian blood in vains or Austro Asiatic blood etc. All these differences are rooted in past – not 50 or 100 years but 1000s of years ago. It is gone !!!! yes GONE !!!! IT WILL NEVER COME AGAIN. DON’T LET YOUR PAST DICTATE TERMS TO YOUR PRESENT AND FUTURE. Our weakness of past is a big hurdle to deal with challenges of present times and puts in grave danger our own future. Do you Realize or not?

Don’t commit mistakes which our ancestors did – yes it was a mistake – Otherwise how a faith – as older as this universe – as harmless as a blooming flower – as accomodative as a mother’s womb – became so marginalized that it now has to fight for it’s very existence? THINK OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN

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