Telegram is rolling out a new update, version 10.5.0, which delivers a new look and feel for voice and video calls, as well as a revamped delete animation that’s now available on Android.

While messaging is the core aspect of Telegram, voice and video calls are also super useful, especially as they’re also end-to-end encrypted. In this latest update, Telegram has redesigned the UI for voice and video calls with new animations and a better overall look and, notably, this also comes with a boost to performance as the new UI is less resource-intensive.

Telegram explains:

In this update, we have totally redesigned calls, adding new animations and beautiful backgrounds that change dynamically based on the call’s status: ringing, active or ended. The new interface requires fewer resources than before, which means it saves battery life and works better on older devices.

The announcement post also says that call quality has been improved and that more improvements are coming in 2024.

Meanwhile, a new vaporize animation that first debuted on Telegram’s iOS app is now coming to Android and becoming the new animation across both platforms. The change, also called the “Thanos Snap” effect, is apparently more energy-efficient.



Finally, Telegram is also further enhancing bots in this update, with bots now able to react to messages, work with quoted messages, send replies, and more.