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 The iconic Times Square here was awash with varied hues and styles of sarees as hundreds of women from the Indian-American community as well as other nations showcased the timeless elegance, heritage and cultural diversity of the garment at a special event.

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The ‘Saree Goes Global’ event was held in the heart of Times Square Saturday, with participation from over 500 women from the Indian community as well as those from at least nine countries where the nine-yard garment is popular and much-loved, including Bangladesh, Nepal, the UK, the USA, the UAE, Uganda, Trinidad and Guyana.

Adorning colourful sarees with exquisite embellishments, embroidery, styles and fabrics, including Khadi, the women proudly showcased their collection as they waved the national flags, danced together, took pictures and shared stories about their sarees, culture and heritage.

The event, hosted by ‘British Women in Sarees’ in partnership with Uma, showcased the timeless elegance of the saree through music, dance and a vibrant Saree Walkathon.

‘British Women in Sarees’ is dedicated to raising awareness of the saree while supporting handloom artisans in India through global events. As an organisation, Uma focuses on empowering underprivileged girls, youth, and women through educational and cultural resources, with a global presence headquartered in New York City.


Saree’s tradition, elegance celebrated in heart of NYC’s Times Square at special global event© PTI

A press release here said that building on the success of global events like the ‘Royal Ascot Ladies’ Day’ and the historic ‘Saree Walkathon’ at Trafalgar Square in London, the Saree Goes Global event was not just a “celebration of cultural diversity but also a platform to support artisans in rural India, preserving traditional craftsmanship.”

Saree’s tradition, elegance celebrated in heart of NYC’s Times Square at special global event© PTI

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