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 Rabbit R1: Can It Replace Smartphones? Here's How This AI-Powered Device Can Simplify Your Tasks

Rabbit R1

New Delhi: At Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) Santa Monica Startup introduced the Rabbit r-1 AI assistant in Las Vegas. The device powered by a MediaTek processor and featuring a 2.88-inch touchscreen display can perform tasks like playing music, ordering groceries, and sending messages.

Jesse Lyu, the CEO and founder of the AI startup Rabbit expresses that the company’s latest creation, a $199 standalone AI device named the R1, is not intended to immediately replace your smartphone. Despite its ambitious goals, Lyu suggests that while the R1 may eventually replace phones, that transition is not imminent.

The R1 resembles a Playdate console or a modernized ’90s handheld TV, being a standalone device roughly half the size of an iPhone. It features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a rotating camera for photos and videos, and a scroll wheel/button for navigation and communication with the built-in assistant.

With a 2.3GHz MediaTek processor, 4GB memory, and 128GB storage. It has a rounded design crafted in collaboration with Teenage Engineering. The battery is claimed to last “all day,” according to Rabbit.

How to secure your Rabbit R1 Pre-Order

To pre-order the Rabbit R1, visit the official website at rabbit.tech, where the device is priced at $199. The company plans to commence shipments by late March. Notably, the first two batches, consisting of 10,000 Rabbit R1 devices each, have already been sold out. The third batch is currently open for pre-orders on the website, with anticipated delivery around May to June 2024.

Comparing Rabbit AI to Smartphone Features

The Rabbit R1, being an AI-powered device with features like a touchscreen display, camera, and the ability to perform various functions, shares some similarities with smartphones. Both devices can handle tasks such as playing music, taking photos and videos, and interacting with a built-in assistant. Additionally, the R1 has specifications like a MediaTek processor, memory, and storage, which are commonly associated with smartphones.

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