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Oracle, a prominent global computer technology firm headquartered in the United States, is offering a range of complimentary courses in India designed to cultivate job-ready skills.



Enhance Your Abilities with Oracle  Courses

These courses are tailored to enhance your abilities, allowing you to stand out in your organization. With just a few hours of commitment, you can thoroughly prepare yourself to excel in your career. Keep reading to discover more about these valuable courses.

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1. Oracle Machine Learning on Oracle Cloud Using Python

2. Become an OCI AI Foundations Associate

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI Foundations Associate certification is crafted for individuals seeking to showcase essential knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and associated services within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). While this certification doesn’t require candidates to possess specific data science or software engineering experience, having a grasp of OCI fundamentals is advantageous. This certification lays the groundwork for pursuing other OCI role-based certifications such as OCI Data Science Professional or OCI Digital Assistant Professional, although it is not obligatory for any of them.

3. Applications Technology: Direct from Development



Explore the intricacies of your Oracle E-Business Suite applications, delving into a comprehensive examination of the E-Business Suite architecture, core components, implementation processes, and the upgrade path to Release 12.2. Gain proficiency in tasks such as installing, patching, and maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite, leveraging the Oracle Application Framework to extend application functionalities, implementing Oracle Workflow, ensuring robust security controls, and managing day-to-day system administrator responsibilities. Enhance your ability to operate the E-Business Suite with greater efficiency, optimizing the performance of your applications. Apply Here

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