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The first Android 15 developer preview is out, packing new privacy sandbox controls, file integrity protection, and enhanced camera controls for creators. Here’s a look at the key features.

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Google doubles down on mobile privacy and security with Android 15’s debut developer build. (Image: Google)

Google has unleashed the first developer preview of Android 15, giving us an early glimpse at some of the key changes and improvements headed to the next major release of the world’s most popular mobile operating system. While it’s still quite early in the development cycle, this initial preview highlights some of Android 15’s core focus areas – bolstering user privacy, equipping developers with more powerful tools, and optimising performance.

Optimised performance

To deliver smoother, more responsive app experiences, Android 15 builds upon the Dynamic Performance Framework by adding new controls for managing CPU/GPU workloads and optimizing thermal efficiency. Developers can now instruct threads to prioritise power over raw performance when appropriate, while the system can dynamically adjust core frequencies based on reported workload demands.

Enhanced camera tools

Android 15 brings some exciting new capabilities for content creators and developers looking to push the boundaries of mobile experiences. A key addition is enhanced in-app camera controls, giving devs more granular power over brightness, flash intensity, and other imaging features previously limited to default camera apps.


The update also introduces support for virtual MIDI 2.0 devices, allowing music composition apps to directly interface with software synths running on the same Android device.

Updated Privacy Sandbox

Android 15 comes with the latest iteration of the Privacy Sandbox – an initiative aimed at transforming how user data is handled for advertising purposes. The core premise is to move away from traditional tracking methods that can compromise privacy in favour of solutions that anonymise user data into aggregate “interest groups.” Android 15 takes this a step further by introducing new safeguards to limit covert tracking tactics employed by some apps.

Expanded Health Connect scope

Android 15 also broadens the capabilities of Health Connect, Google’s centralised hub for aggregating health and fitness data across apps and services. Developers will be able to integrate new data types, providing users with a more comprehensive view of their overall wellness metrics like workout details, sleep patterns, and heart rate – all within a single interface.

Cryptographic protection for app files

On the security front, Android 15 extends the existing FileIntegrityManager with new APIs using the fs-verity tool in the Linux kernel. This enables developers to cryptographically protect their app files, ensuring they haven’t been tampered with.


These are just some of the highlights we’ve seen so far. As the Android 15 preview cycle continues over the coming months, we’re bound to see even more new features and refinements emerge before the final release.

What devices are compatible with this update?

Currently, only Google’s own Pixel devices are compatible with Android 15. The list is as follows:

Pixel 6
Pixel 6 Pro
Pixel 6a
Pixel 7
Pixel 7 Pro
Pixel 7a
Pixel Tablet
Pixel Fold
Pixel 8
Pixel 8 Pro

When is Android 15 stable coming out?

android 15 release timeline No fixed date for the final release as of yet. (Image: Google)Google aims to achieve platform stability in June. Stable Android 15 should come out several months after that, although no tentative date has been given out. However, considering Android 14 released in October last year with the Pixel 8 series, it’d be fair to expect the same pattern this year as well.

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