On the first day of I/O 2024, Google talked all about AI during the Android section of the main keynote. It’s saving Android 15 news, including Beta 2, for tomorrow.

Historically, an Android Beta is released shortly after the main Google I/O keynote. This year, the focus was on artificial intelligence across the company’s platforms. On the mobile OS, we got Gemini app updates and the future of Gemini Nano, including what on-device capabilities it will soon power.

The Android 15 Developer Preview started in February and has progressed in a straightforward manner. There are some UI tweaks, but nothing major just yet. Of note is how some of these changes have already trickled down to the Android 14 QPR3 Beta, which should hit stable next month.

The last updates arrived in quick succession with Android 15 Beta 1.2 in late April. Beta 2 on Wednesday should include major changes that coincide with Google detailing the tentpole features of this year’s release.

Google having so much to announce that it decided to split the news over two days is promising after last year’s single mention of Android 14 during the keynote. It also somewhat reflects how I/O is back to being a multi-day (two), in-person event. Actually, the conference is spilling over into a third day since the online sessions will be released on Thursday in another change.