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Adobe is adding some new generative AI features to Acrobat reader in a bid to improve users’ creativity and productivity while using digital documents. The company will now allow users to create and edit images in PDFs by just using text prompts.

Powered by Firefly AI, Adobe says Acrobat is the first application to offer in-app generative AI capabilities. The new update adds two new features: Edit image in Acrobat and Generate image in Acrobat.

The Edit Image feature will allow users access to tools like generative fill, remove background, erase and crop. It will allow users to erase unwanted objects from the images, remove backgrounds and add new images right form the Acrobat reader app.

Meanwhile, the Generate Image feature allows users to add new images to their PDFs by leveraging the power of Firefly Image 3 model. Using thsi feature, users’ will be able to adjust the size and style of an image and add them to any part of a document.

While speaking about the need for the new feature, Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president, Adobe Document Cloud said in a release, “With generative AI we can advance the category again with image creation and insights across a new range of document types, empowering every customer with a deeper understanding and ability to transform information into compelling content – with the ease and speed of a simple prompt.”

Moreover, Adobe is also providing a major update to the Acrobat AI assistant with two new features Insights across documents and Enhanced meeting transcripts. The Insights feature will allow users to identify key themes, trends and relationships across a group of documents like PDF, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The AI assistant also provide users’ answers while adding citations to help them easily verify the source of information.

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