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After spending days crafting a suitable resume, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, and giving your best to clear them – you finally receive a job offer, or if you are lucky, then multiple job offers.

Sure, for an early career professional or the ones just starting out, this may feel like a huge achievement. At this point, you may be more than eager to accept that offer, but this is exactly when you need to take a step back and do some thinking.

Before committing yourself to any organisation, it’s imperative to objectively evaluate numerous factors associated with the job offer you have received. You might have been offered a desirable pay structure, but are you okay with their travel expectations, work hours, leaves, and other terms and conditions?

Varun Sachdeva, SVP & APAC Head, NLB Services, a staffing solutions provider, says that as the rapidly evolving business environment keeps professional relevance on its toes, candidates must think long-term while making any career move. Receiving a job offer can fill you with excitement. However, before saying yes to a new opportunity, candidates must take certain areas into account, he adds.

Here are a few factors suggested by the expert that you must consider before accepting your next job offer.

1. Company culture: To begin with, Sachdeva lists company culture as an extremely important aspect to take into consideration. According to him, a healthy work culture is a combination of concerted efforts in matters of DE&I, team building, open communication, employee feedback loops, etc. Hence, it should be one of your top priorities.

2. Terms of service: Next, he advises the young minds to pay careful attention to the contractual terms and review the information about the notice period, non-compete clause, pay structure, and more, to avoid any confusion later.

3. Work-life balance: Work-life balance is undoubtedly crucial to your continuous personal as well as professional growth. You must check whether the organisation prioritises employees’ holistic well-being and development by offering a steady work-life balance, says the expert.

4. Career progression roadmap: Another factor that he believes you must pay heed to before accepting an offer is career advancement. In his opinion, it may help determine the future of the role you wish to sign up for within the organisation.

5. Perks and benefits: Other than salary, he emphasises that one should also evaluate benefits like paid time off, health insurance coverage, and performance bonuses to assess the suitability of the offer.

6. Learning and development opportunities: Goes without saying that constant learning and skilling are the need of the hour for any employee today. Therefore, candidates must make this a mandatory criterion for taking up a job, says the SVP & APAC Head of NLB services.

7. Company purpose: In order to experience a sense of fulfilment at work, it’s necessary to understand the company’s purpose. He says that the individuals should ensure that the company values and vision align with their own so that they can excel together, benefiting each other mutually.

8. Working hours: Last but not least, Sachdeva says that checking whether flexibility is available in terms of work hours, fluidity of the role, etc. is another significant factor for candidates to keep in mind before joining any organisation.

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