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Rohit Sharma said: “This partnership presents an incredible opportunity for me to back initiatives that can make a significant difference for an entire generation.”

Rohit Sharma invests in LEO1Rohit Sharma invests in LEO1

Indian Cricket Captain Rohit Sharma has announced his first-ever investment in the fintech sector, backing the innovative edu-fintech company LEO1. Formerly known as Financepeer, LEO1 aims to transform financial transactions within the Indian education system.

“I am thrilled to support LEO1 in its mission to revolutionise learning and make quality education accessible to everyone,” said Sharma. “Their approach, unwavering commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit are truly inspiring as they work to positively impact the lives of aspiring students and their parents. This partnership presents an incredible opportunity for me to back initiatives that can make a significant difference for an entire generation.”

LEO1 addresses the persistent challenge of irregular cash flow in educational institutions with its groundbreaking “Financial SAAS” model. This model encourages responsible financial behaviour among students and parents while providing institutions with a streamlined platform for fee collection and financial management.

“We aim to instill a crucial discipline within the education sector,” explained Rohit Gajbhiye, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of LEO1. “Irregular cash flow often leads to excessive efforts focused solely on fee recovery over other important developments. This is an ancient problem for institutes across the country. Parallelly, given that education constitutes a significant portion—15-20%—of household earnings, parents and students lack sufficient motivation to make timely payments. LEO1 addresses these challenges through our ‘Financial SAAS’ model that motivates responsible financial behaviour in them.”

The investment from Sharma, alongside support from prominent investors like QED Investors and Aavishkar Capital, will fuel LEO1’s growth and expansion across India. The company’s “Financial SAAS” product suite includes a versatile payment card that doubles as a smart ID, facilitating seamless transactions within and outside campus premises. Additionally, the platform offers immediate education loans, incentivises timely fee payments through rewards, and promotes financial literacy among students.

“Rohit Sharma’s endorsement has infused our teams with tremendous enthusiasm to deliver outstanding work. We draw inspiration from many of Rohit Sharma’s qualities,” said Gajbhiye. “With his support as our brand ambassador and now as a valued investor, I am confident that we will become even more efficient and motivated. I foresee a promising future for LEO1. I express gratitude to all our investors and extend a warm welcome to Rohit into our community.”

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