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Samsung Galaxy S24 is launching on January 24 and given that now we live in a world of AI, the Korean company is also going to put its new-age AI system inside its phones. It is kind of big deal and here is what it means for users

Photo credits: Samsung

In Short

  • Galaxy S24 series to launch on January 17.
  • Samsung has teased that Galaxy AI is coming.
  • It is possible that Galaxy S24 phones will have an inbuilt AI assistant.

Samsung has officially released the invitation for its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2024. The event is happening on January 17, and we are going to see the Galaxy S24 – there are three phones including Galaxy S24, S24+ and the S24 Ultra – launch on that day. Now, as far as the phone launches go, this one is routine. At the beginning of every year, Samsung launches its flagship phones and the year 2024 is no different. But what is new this time is the Samsung invitation. In a teaser, the company say: “Galaxy AI is coming.”

Galaxy AI what? Well, let’s unpack.

According to Samsung the Galaxy S24 series will be a whole new experience for users backed with latest technology innovations: “The new Galaxy S series will set a higher standard for the most intelligent mobile experience yet,” says Samsung in its official blog post.


Reports also suggest that Samsung will unveil its new Galaxy S24 series along with the Galaxy Book and the first-ever Samsung smart ring. And all the new product line-up will be backed by AI features.

In other words, an AI assistant like ChatGPT will be inbuilt right into the phone and that would make the Galaxy s24 the first such phone. Big deal, right?

The possibility of Samsung imbuing its new lineup with AI capabilities is also evident through the pre-booking page of its Galaxy AI. Samsung is currently allowing users to pre-reserve the chance to grab the upcoming product lineup and get the special ‘Next Galaxy VIPPASS’ for Rs 1999. On the pre-booking page, the company is also posing a series of questions related to AI to users. For instance, one query asks about smartphone features that users think would benefit from AI.

Samsung Galaxy AI powered by Gauss Language

For some reference: Galaxy AI will be backed by Samsung’s own generative AI model called Gauss Language. Samsung launched its own large language model (LLM) during the Samsung AI Forum 2023 held last year in November at the company’s R&D campus (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) in Seoul, South Korea.

During the event, Samsung revealed Gauss. It comes in three variants: Samsung Gauss Language that generates texts, Samsung Gauss Code that generates code, and Samsung Gauss Image that generates images.

Similar to Open AI’s ChatGPT or the artificial image generator DALL-E, Samsung Gauss is also capable of answering with text prompts to create and edit images. Additionally, Samsung has also created its Gauss specialised in code language, which features code assistance and supports code description and test case generation.

Samsung, during the launch, stated that it is planning to integrate its generative AI models into various products to enhance the consumer experience. And since then, it has become evident that Samsung’s new product lineup, including the much-anticipated Galaxy S24 series, will be integrated with Samsung Gauss AI.

Samsung S24 series to come with AI powers

Now ahead of the Unpacked 2024, Samsung is teasing about Galaxy AI. As Samsung states in its announcement, it is all set to “unveil the latest premium Galaxy innovations, providing an all-new mobile experience powered by AI.”

So, what does that mean for the future users of the Galaxy S24? While exact features and advancement details around the Galaxy S24 series and other products are unknown for now, we can expect a wide range of AI-based improvements in the product lineup as a part of the entire Galaxy AI.

Similar to the Google Pixel 8 series, the AI improvements in the S24 series might include upgrades and AI features in the camera, search, and other applications. If Samsung is going all the way, it may also include tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney that will let users write emails, create reports and generate AI images with prompt on the phone. Although, it will be interesting to see if Samsung will offer the AI features in its phones through local processing or through cloud computing.

For example, Google Pixel 8 Pro recently got some AI features courtesy Gemini Nano. But Gemini Nano is not the full-fledged LLM system. But it has been reduced in its size and complexity so it can run on a phone.

If, with some unique technology, Samsung manages to put a full-fledged LLM in its upcoming phone it would make the Galaxy S24 the first phone in the world to run full-fat AI system.

The new Galaxy S24 series is expected to include three models: Vanilla Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. Some leaks and reports also hint that the new Galaxy S24 series might feature a titanium build for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a revamped design with flatter edges, and regular processor and camera upgrades. Like the previous models, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will likely be made available in four different models with different screen sizes.

The Galaxy S24 is will be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, with some regions – may be India – getting Samsung’s latest Exynos 2400 processor. Both the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and Exynos 2400 processors are said to be designed to power the latest AI upgrades, such as features like text-to-image AI generation

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